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    „Life in amber forest” is a permanent educational exhibition devoted to amber and its inclusions, which since 1998 are research subjects in the laboratory of Museum of Amber Inclusions of the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Parasitology at Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk. Its production was financed from the European Fund of Regional Development, and specimens presented in the exhibition are gifts from amber-workers. Exhibition, opened in August 2013, is a compendium of knowledge on amber, presenting its origin, history, beauty and scientific values.

    Wystawa "Życie w lesie bursztynowym" na holu główny w skrzydle A

    Diorama lasu bursztynowego

    The main section of the exhibition is a diorama – first in Poland 3-dimentional model of amber forest in 1:1 scale. On the exhibition it is possible to trace history of amber – from liquid resin forming different types of traps, in which animals and insects were entombed, to the inclusions – preserved in amber evidences, what of what has happened over 40 million years ago in the Eocene forest. In the specially designed exhibition boxes it is possible to observe in details 41 animal inclusions. Complementing the exposition are plant inclusions and nuggets of raw and polished Baltic amber. The latter show the richness of the colours of “Baltic gold”. An interesting part of the exhibition is the collection of fossil resins from all over the world, among which the is the oldest resin, from the Triassic, aged 230 million years.


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    Faculty of Biology, 59, Wita Stwosza St., main hall, wing A

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